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> Your Story - Our future

Defining Arctic Leadership. An Arctic narrative about sustainability. The project defines an Arctic model for leadership together with local people and in relation to their places and community.



> Storytelling in the North - diversity through stories

A project in cooperation with the public libraries in Schleswig-Holstein. Through storytelling, cultural diversity was communicated. Different views on nature, including the perspectives of native peoples in the Arctic, were illuminated in a series of workshops and train-the-trainer seminars.



> Sustainable education. Sustainable Schools.

An online community book for teachers and school leaders at community schools­, grammar schools and vocational ­schools. The book shows ways in which education and schools can become more sustainable. Dr. Eva Ritter has contributed with a chapter about the SDG ambassador education.



> Nordic Nature Narratives

In this project, we have studied the view on nature in the Nordic countries, including the view of indigenous peoples in the Arctic. Through personal stories, we got insight into the connection and intertwining between nature and people. We wanted to understand how nature affects human well-being and the feeling of community.