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Nordic Perspectives

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The relationship between human beings and nature is an essential factor for Nordic Perspectives when working with sustainable development. We are committed to implementing knowledge in this area in education, personal leadership and working methods. It is important to us to bring together perspectives and approaches from Germany, the Nordic countries and the Arctic region and to promote learning from one another.

Being aware of the fact that the sustainability concept and thus education for sustainable development are shaped by a Western understanding of and view on nature, we include, in particular, the traditions and worldviews of indigenous cultures in the Arctic as an inspiration in our methods and work.

The logo

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The logo is inspired by the story „Last of the curlews” by Fred Bodsworth (1955). Bodsworth describes the annual course of an Eskimo curlew (Numenius borealis) from the bird's point of view and as the last of its kind. The English name curlew is influenced by the Old French corliu, from courir (messenger bearer). Another symbolic meaning of the logo is the bird's-eye perspectives and the flight path – connecting North and South.