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> Politics

Strengthen your ability to act sustainably. Realize the implementation of the SDGs in local politics or in the community you are part of. We work with the approved method of True Storytelling to give you better skills and improve your leadership competences.



> Education

We support educational institutions in their step towards integrating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into their work. Our mission is that ESD should not be an extra task, but a natural part of the daily teaching and learning process.



> Companies

You want to work with the Susainable Development Goals (SDG) in your company or organization? We advise you on the targeted development of strategies in your team and support you in the implementation of your projects.



> Personal development

Anyone who deals with questions about a sustainable future will encounter doubts and challenges. How can the ability to act be regained in such situations? Our seminars help you find an answer.



> Keynotes

Book a professional lecture on human-nature relationships or education for sustainable development. Be inspired by personal stories from people from the Nordic countries.